Korea Heating Co., Ltd. is a specialized in far-infrared ray heating film (Hot-Film), leading a new innovation in of architectural underfloor heating systems.

We have done our best to development and supply the better infra red heating film and been well received by customers.

In addition to our high quality heating film, we have invested heavily in development of other high-tech heating material to tackle world's economic and environmental problems, such as economic instability due to worldwide oil prices and the global warming crisis. Furthermore, it has been our mission from the beginning, to export our heating film to the world to further enhance the recognition of the Korean traditional heating system of "ONDOL". Details...

What is HOT-Film?

HOT-Film produced by Korea Heating Co., Ltd. is a superior and advanced heating material for floor, ceilings and wall.

Carbon heating element (Electric conductor) and silver paste are printed on PET film of insulation and flame-retardant material, which is to be combined with Laminex Film after making an electrode of copper foil. Details...

Detailed installation of Hot-Film:

What is a Korean traditional heating system “ONDOL”?

Ondol is a heating system hidden beneath the floor. There are different theories on how old it is, but Chinese records state that during Goguryeo (37 B.C.-A.D. 668), an L-shaped ondol that provided partial heating to the room floor was common. It evolved into a full-room ondol in the Goryeo period (918-1392). By the end of Goryeo, the ondol had spread to the entire Korean Peninsula.  Details...

traditional ONDOL
Ondol lifestyle
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