Out & Indoor Radiant Heater 





Infrared radiant heater is sort of warming with advantages of clean, safe, comfort, healthy and reliable, sun-like heating as the sun rises in the room, bringing glaring light of life.
Infrared radiant heater is challenging traditional heating with its advantages of low carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and becoming a new trend of healthy & comfortable warming style.

Advantages of JH-Heater

  • Power ON/OFF freely, more energy saving, low cost
  • Even heat, fast heating, good heat conductance and low carbon
  • No noise, no wind, no smell, no light, no dust
  • Easy installation, maintenance free, slim & light design, adjustable thermostat
  • Far infra ray acts on human body directly, makes people free like sunshine warm
  • Good physical therapy health cares for human body
  • Make indoor plants flourish
  • Make indoor air clean & sterile due to far infra ray's disinfection antiseptic effect
  • Even heat, smaller temperature difference, especially for ceiling mount

Product Features

  1. Comfortable: No wind, light or odor will be caused during the running of this product, so the indoor air is clean without floating dust.
  2. Energy-saving: This product has high heat generation efficiency and good heat radiation effect, controls the temperature intelligently, and saves power and energy
  3. Reliable: The indoor temperature can be freely adjusted with price infrared heating panel, free of the limitation of heating season. The service life of this product is up to 20 years
  4. Physical therapy: The heat radiant and infrared heating panel can change body microcirculation, cell organization under skin producing resonance, clearing the barrier of microcirculation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body physical power. It is very good for your health

Technology, Innovation


New tech, quality guarantee

JH heater’s surface is made of finned type special aluminum alloy, adopting unique tech; it creates an obvious energy-saving effect because of high electricity-heat efficiency & aero heating elements.
Heating panel is covered by special NANO painting; far infra rays will be created after warning up, as efficiency reaches to 86%.

Regenerative design, more energy-saving

JH-Heater adopts reflective heat storage design of proprietary intellectual property rights, to increase more than 20% efficiency, showing the best energy-saving advantages.





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