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RHE Heating rail:

Heating rail applied advanced nanotechnology "PTC", so, it shows higher energy efficiency and safety. Moreover, heating rail uses double insulation electric wire therefore it gives good solution about waterproof – which is the main problem of previous under-floor heating materials. Heating rail is easy to install and emits far infrared ray doesn’t nearly cause electromagnetic wave using carbon compound.

Specifications of Heating Rail:

  • Certifications: CE, GOST, ISO9001 / ISO14001
  • Patent: USA / JAPAN / RUSSIA / KOREA

The Introduction of Manufacturer:

G Touch Co., Ltd. is the Korean electric under-floor heating material manufacturer. They developed world widely unique heating rail in basis of their outstanding technologies through continuous 7 years of researches. Heating rail not only acquired various patents in USA, Japan, Russia, China and Korea but also was selected as superior Korean government procurement goods. So, heating rail has been providing government offices and Korea military organizations since 2009.

Heating rail operation

What is PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient)?:

PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) characteristic was discovered by American doctor Herman in 1950’s. It is the phenomenon even though the ambient temperature increases, but the calorific power decreases by certain proportion mechanically.
PTC heating rail does not use any metallic heating elements like Nickel-Chrome line, it is made of nano-compound which is made of mixture of carbon - conductive materials and polyethylene resins have characteristic that is easily inflated and shrunken by heat.

So, when the temperature increases in one area of heating rail, the polyethylene resins inflate. It causes increase of electric resistance of heating rail, so electricity consumption decreases. In addition to that, it is very effective to prevent partial overheating. In case of heating rail, it can’t generate over 70 Celsius degree. Heating rail generates more heat when the temperature is low, whereas, it produces less heat in hot temperature. Therefore, it is not only safe and but also consumes less electricity (energy saving effect).
The temperatures of a room are different following its circumstance due to differences of lightening, humidity and insulation. But, the PTC effect of heating rail means that every section of heating rail acts as its own thermostat. So every part of the floor is always maintained at the even temperature with the minimum use of energy. Such an intelligent function heating rail makes heating rail the most efficient electrical heating system.

Electric durability test
Resistance levels

Electrical heating rail performance:

RHE heating element electric power effect

RHE Heating Rail Spec:

RHE heating rail spec

RHE heating element Electric power comparison table:

RHE heating element electric power comparison table

Installation Instructions:




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